Who we are

Nuclear energy first

For a cleaner planet

The Clean and Safe Energy Coalition has been established in 2006. Its main role is to inform and educate Americans on the role of nuclear energy. While most people associate nuclear energy with disasters, it is extremely beneficial in the long run if used responsibly. Therefore, we educate and teach others about how to benefit from this innovative solution.

We have received recognition and support from all over the world. We are also funded by the industry, so we do not represent an actual business. With all these, apart from educating the world, we also help people switch to nuclear energy and provide a few different plans. Not only is this option cleaner for the planet, but it will also help people save money in the long run – what else can you ask for?

Leadership and future goals

The Clean and Safe Energy Coalition is led by Christine Todd Whitman. She is a former manager in the EPY (Environmental Protection Agency). She also led New Jersey as a governor. She leads the coalition along with Dr. Patrick Moore, Ph.D. He is one of the Greenpeace co-founders, as well as a former leader. The coalition has strong points and everything is backed up by facts. There are no assumptions or guesswork, but pure facts. For this reason, we also gained support from former President Barrack Obama.


Saving money overtime

The change might take years, but we strongly believe in a cleaner future. The change is happening right now and we are thrilled to see more and more people making the switch.

There is nothing secret about our coalition or staff. We are fully transparent and we will back everything up with facts. In fact, here are the managers and board members of the Clean and Safe Energy Coalition, as well as a few details about them. Each of them has plenty of experience in this field.

Martin J. Cole$300$50Jack
Anna Mitch$150-Annie
Mary Atkins$200$35John
Wayne Pattern$175$25Sue

We obviously have an extensive network of volunteers and members who help during our events, but they also spread the word and educate.


Happy people for a happy planet