Investing in your own home

Why rely on CASEnergy Coalition

Education and supply


Easy Tracking

You can track everything over an Internet connected device, be it a computer or a smartphone. You can look at your expenses, savings, bills and all kinds of numbers associated with your online account.


Free Installation

No matter who you switch from or what plan you choose, our engineers will take care of you free of charge. You will not have to pay for the installation or any of the equipment used to make it happen – just sit back and relax instead.


Clean Planet

We did not start this venture thinking that we will supply potential customers. We only wanted to educate people and this is our main goal. However, we are dedicated enough to help those who want to help the planet as well.
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Nuclear energy explained

At a glance

Nuclear energy becomes more and more appealing to large companies for some obvious reasons. No one can deny global warming – every new winter is warmer and warmer. From this point of view, people are trying to change their habits and do everything in a cleaner manner. It is a slow process, but it is happening. Nuclear energy is one of those things you can do to keep the nature cleaner. It is low when it comes to pollution and it is relatively inexpensive to consume, but also sustainable overtime.

Nuclear energy is also likely to be the main thing for many years. According to recent reports, we have enough uranium for 80 years. However, big countries like Russia and China have already started using an alternative – thorium, which we have plenty of. In other words, we will most likely keep going for ages.