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Here at the Clean and Safe Energy Coalition, we strive to provide power – clean and natural. We are mosly specialized in nuclear energy, but not only.

Our coalition was established in 2006 and is funded by the industry. We have powerful named behind our back, including former President Barrack Obama. Nuclear energy is responsible for over 70% of the country's emission free energy and this is our primary purpose. We aim to inform Americans and the world about the benefits of nuclear energy.

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Smoking versus Vaping

One of the main things that vaping is compared to is smoking. And that is not surprising since they both involve the use of cigarettes, except in the case of vaping, there is the use of an electronic cigarette. There are also a few differences to note between vaping and smoking. And if you are considering quitting smoking, then here is what you should know about the alternative to it.

There are a few things to remember when first starting out vaping. Especially at the beginning, it is very important to remember that, unlike the traditional cigarette, when vaping on your electronic cigarette, you have to suck in the vapor gently and long to obtain a good vapor production. In a traditional cigarette the stronger we aspire, the more the combustion is fuelled, and more smoke will be produced. In the electronic cigarette is exactly the opposite: the more slowly we inhale more e-liquid will drain to the vaporizer and more vapor and flavor we will obtain.

The previous premise has varied slightly with the entry of more modern devices in the electronic cigarette market. Now, the vaping devices offer greater air intakes, more effective drainage systems and much higher power that achieve performance and sensations much higher than the first electronic cigarettes. It is a market that constantly evolves.

The main difference between smoking and vaping is the substance that we inhale:

In the traditional cigarette, we inhale smoke produced by the combustion of tobacco along with the additives and the paper that make up the cigar.

In the electronic cigarette, we inhale vapor produced by heating the e-liquid. There is a change of state from liquid to vapor, there is never combustion, so no harmful new substances are generated. This vapor may contain varying levels of nicotine ranging from 0mg / ml to 18 mg/ml that is absorbed through the mouth and lungs.

The throat (blow) sensation generated by inhaling tobacco smoke is one of the pleasant aspects of smoking. In this sense, there is no difference between smoking and vaping: the feeling in the throat is similar, much more pleasant even vaping because due to the variety of aromas available, good sensations and a very pleasant taste are obtained with vaping. Also depending on the nicotine level of the e-liquid, we will satisfy our need for nicotine immediately.

Four advantages to vaping

There are three main advantages of vaping over smoking, here they are.

1. Help control nicotine consumption. Like nicotine patches or chewing gum, the electronic cigarette allows regulating the amount ingested; the novelty that it presents is that it also allows exhaling “smoke,” as in a common cigarette. This is the main argument of its advocates: that it is a useful tool to stop smoking gradually, without the anxiety that sudden abandonment presents.

2. Reduce the risks of smoke. The traditional cigarette pollutes your environment and is dangerous both for the smoker and those around him. A good part of the four hundred toxic chemicals and the around forty or so carcinogenic components released by the cigarette are consumed by smoke. The electronic cigarette, however, does not generate combustion, significantly reducing the number of chemicals incorporated into the body and the environment.

3. Eliminate the bad smell. One of the factors that generate greater social pressure to quit smoking is the smell that smoke leaves in the mouth, clothes, hands and even the furniture of smokers. The liquid that produces the vapor has no aroma, so it leaves no unpleasant traces. It is also colorless, which makes the stains that tobacco leaves on the skin and the teeth of smokers disappear.

4. Save money. When you switch to vaping you can save tons of cash over your old cigarette habit.  The trick is to avoid expensive retail juice and shop for cheap 120ml vape juice here.  At $11.99 per bottle you can save 75% or more over brick and mortar vape shop prices.